Sunday, 12 January 2014

I am MANI-LOCKED - Sherlock Nail Art

A very happy new year to you all!! A little belated but I have a lovely nail art post for you all to try and make it up. I am posting a mani of how I started my year. With the new season of SHERLOCK!! The final episode is tonight*wipes tear*, so I thought it fitting to do a mani for it. 

Sherlock airs in US on the 19th and Fierce Make-Up and Nails and Gnarly Gnails have created I AM MANILOCKED nail art challenge. Details how to be part of this are at the bottom of the page along with a gallery of the manis people have posted. 

I am a massive Sherlock fan, I have the complete collection of books, watched the movies and of course BBC's Sherlock, which is ah-may-zing!!
I used my collection of Sherlock Holmes books for inspiration for this mani, and specifically chose His Last Bow, seeing as the last episode is called His Last Vow. Rather fitting don't you think??

Here is a picture of the book I used for inspiration as well as the polishes I used for the nail art. 

So that is the inspiration behind my design, lets take a look at what I came up with...

I used the spine of the book and TRIED to replicate it on my accent nail

I used the damask style (kinda) print on the cover of the book on my nails using a stamping plate (details of which one I used will be below). I then added some pink 2mm rhinestones to try and make the nail art flow and match the accent nail which I tried to copy from the spine of the book. I thought I did not too bad a job. 

Polished I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
Barry M Grey
Sally Hansen Wet Cement 
Sally Hansen Raven
OPI I'm India Mood For Love
Seche Vite

I also used:
Nail Glue
2mm Pink Rhinestones
Red Angel Stamping Plate RA112
Stamper and Scraper
Fine Nail Art Brush

Will you be watching Shelock tonight?? Share your Sherlock Mani if you do one!
#MANILOCKED2014 to share your picture on Instagram and to share it on your blog go to I would love to see them!!