Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Funky Fingers Tortuga Tips

Hi guys! Another super quick post of some super simple nails. I wanted to some simple french tips but as its been so sunny in the UK lately I thought I would go neon. I picked Funky Fingers Tortuga. 
Its a scented polish, and to be honest I can't really put my finger on what the smell is supposed to be. 
As usual I went ahead and freehand painted the french tips.

Imagine it to be more neon though, my camera didn't do a very good job of capturing it.  

Polishes I used:
Essie 3in1 Base
Funky Fingers Tortuga
Seche Vite

Normally I am not a big fan of neons on me, they make my hands look dark and just don't compliment my skin tone but these I actually really loved and my hands don't look too bad. 
If your like me and neons don't look great on you try using just a pop of neon in your mani. It might just do the trick. 

Thanks for reading!! 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Barry M Texture Nail Art

Hi guys!! Soooo...I had a major chip on my index. Sad times. In an attempt so save my nail length I decided to round off my nails. My index nail is still a little shorter than the rest but I am hoping to level them all off once the index nail gets a bit longer and I can attempt Almond shaped nails. They just look so pretty on everyone and well... I was pretty nails too!! 

I hadn't broken out the old Barry M's in a while and as I recently purchased some of their texture effect polishes I thought I would try some simple nail art on this new nail shape. 

Lets have a look at what I created then I will tell you what polishes I used.

Polishes I used:
Essie 3in1 Base
Barry M Blue Grape
Barry M Majesty

I didn't use a topcoat on this, Barry M Gellys are super glossy by themselves, plus I did not want to take away from the texture effect of Majesty. 
Majesty is probably one of my favourite polishes at the moment, my pictures do it no justice and it is just soo much prettier in real life. 
As per usual no guides to do the glitter tips just free handed them and hoped for the best. Although I know you can get guides/vinyls to help you get neater cleaner lines. 

Something simple, quick and easy to do, great for a special occasion or a night out or if your me then a normal day! haha! 

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Neon Studs

Just a quick post you guys today as its another old mani I never got a chance to take good pictures of. I mean even my cuticles are extremely dry in this picture. But I love this mani too much for me not to share. 

Grey with just about any coloured neon is just perfect in my opinion. It makes the neon not too in your face, plus neon colours tend to make my hands look dark so having just a pop of neon on the grey means I get to wear neons. :)

Polishes I used:
Duri Rejuvacote 
Sally Hansen Wet Cement
Seche Vite

I also used:
Dotting tool (to pick up the studs)
Neon studs, square and round

Normally I use nail glue to stick the studs/rhinestones on my nails but this time I used some Seche Vite to secure them ad they are relatively flat and less likely to fall off. I love this colour combo and will definitely be using it for some future nail art!!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tealy French Tips

Hi guys! Sorry for the log absence, I have found myself yet again lacking inspiration when it comes to nail art and hence not been able to create new posts for y'all. I was just going through some of my older nail art pictures when I came across some nail art that I had forgotten to post. Although it be rather simple I'm sure you will appreciate how lovely it looks. 

Polishes I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
Teal holographic franken
Illamasqua Muse
Seche Vite

I made the teal franken by mixing a green and blue jelly polish (I have forgotten the brand and polish name, sorry guys, but I made this donkeys years ago) and then added some spectraflair to it til I got the holographic effect above. I also free hand painted the french tips, it would be neater with some tape but I am far too impatient to wait for the base polish to COMPLETELY dry. 

Thanks for reading!!