Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cupcake Nails

Hi! And welcome to my blog!! For my first post I want to show you all some nail art I did on a friend of mine. I might often post pictures of nail art I do on friends because I simply don't get enough time to do everything I want on myself so it helps I have lovely friends who aren't so crazy about doing nail art but love having it done on them!! They fuel my obsession as I fuel their obsessions (they know what they are!)! 

I've been wanting to do Cupcake nails for a long time and just haven't got round to it as there is just so many other ideas/techniques to try out!! So when my friend suggested them I was more than willing to oblige! 
On to the pictures...

So to do this I used a striper nail art brush and two dotting tools. I was so happy with how the came out!! 

The polishes I used were:
Essie 3in1 Base
Barry M Fushia Pink
Zoya Flora (Stripes)
Barry M Matte White (Frosting)
OPI Y'all Come Back You Hear (Sprinkle)
Nails Inc Suffolk Street (Sprinkle)
Funky Fingers Wild Child (Sprinkle)
Nails Inc LE Will (Cherry)
Seche Vite 

So that is my attempt at cupcake nails, what do you think? Good enough to eat? 

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