Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nails Inc Stamping and Double Accent

I have been looking for Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens for a while and finally it is in my possession! 
It is the perfect honey mustard colour and like nearly all Nails Inc creme polishes a one coater. 

I thought I would christen it with some stamping and a double accent but instead of going for the ring finger and thumb I went for the ring finger and the pinky. 

Lets have a look at what it turned out like... 

Polishes I used: 
Duri Rejuvacote
Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens
Nails Inc Black Taxi 
Essie Good To Go Topcoat

I also used:
Gold coloured 2mm rhinestones (2 for each accent finger)
Red Angel Plates RA 112

The stamping came out a little rough, my scraper has gone all wonky donkey on me and would scrape off properly, I tried to use my new XL stamper and scraper which I got recently but I still gotta figure out how to use these properly, I think the stamper needs filing or something. 

Over all though I am happy with how this looks! And glad I finally got Hamsptead Gardens. Shame I have a night shift and had to take it off the same day. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Hampstead Gardens, it's one of my favourites - glad to see another fan, it makes me sad when people criticise it! Love the stamping too, really lovely pattern :) xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I am in love with it! x