Saturday, 17 November 2012

Barry M Green Sparkle Magnetic

Today I’m going to show you a magnetic by Barry M! I've not really gotten that into the magnetic nails polishes but whilst shopping in my local Superdrug for a swap I saw a new addition and this time it had holographic micro glitter in it! That’s right I said holographic micro glitter!

So of course in my basket it went! And of course as always it gets lost in all the untried polishes I have. Compared to a lot of girls my collection is only tiny but damn do I still have a lot of untried polishes.

Anyways enough of me babbling let’s have a look at the pictures I took.

Polishes I used:
Essie 3in1 Base
Barry M Green Sparkle Magnetic

I used 2 coats for the pictures. I first applied a thin coat without magnetizing it. Then I applied another slightly thicker coat (so it doesn't dry before I have a chance to magnetize it) and then hovered the magnet (which is in the cap) over my nail for about 20 seconds, making sure the magnet doesn't touch the polish on my nail) to make sure the pattern came out and stayed out. Sometimes I find that if you don’t hold the magnet long enough the pattern fades a little. I let this air dry and you can see some slight bumps on the nail from where the glitter is, a coat of topcoat will sort this out as the bumps are not so bad, I was just being super lazy as usual!

I love how this looks and have to say I’m a little bit in love with this polish! I hear there are some other colours like this and I’m going to be looking out for them when I hit the shops next!

Barry M polishes can be purchased in the UK Boots and Superdrug, the magnetic line is retailed at £4.99 each.  If you’re an international polish addict you can get your hands on Barry M at Ninja Polish's online store!

Thanks for reading! 

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