Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Diabetes Awareness: Manglaze Royal Matterimoaning!

Today post is dedicated to World Diabetes Day. I am supporting this cause because I am a student nurse and I've seen the effects of diabetes on a person’s daily life but I also know how it can be life threatening. So by raising awareness of what diabetes is can effectively save a life.

To help support World Diabetes Day nail polish bloggers and just anyone who loves polish are painting their nails blue. 
As my blue mani I am going to be showing you a polish that I have been wanting to try out a long time by its been sitting untried in my helmer. Today I am going to show you Manglaze Royal Matterimoaning! 

This is a royal blue matte finish polish. The polish has a shimmer to it that all Manglaze polishes have. The formula was great to work with, and I would say the easiest application of any of the matte polishes I've used. 

I used 2 coats for these pictures with no base coat and no topcoat. I didn't use a basecoat because sometimes when using matte polishes a basecoat can cause dragging. 

Thanks for reading!!

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