Friday, 15 November 2013

Children In Need - Pudsey Nails

A very quick post today, I am already a little late in posting this so I will have to type super fast and try and make sure I get everything in!!
It is that time of year again when Children In Need and their lovable teddy Pudsey are everywhere encouraging us to give to (as the name suggests) children in need. To show my support for the charity I decided to do some nail art.

Don't mind the air bubbles

So that is what my nails looked like. You can even see my hands covered in some polish from the nail art. I am a very messy person when it comes to nail art. You should see the state of my bed, needless to say my bed sheets have polish all over them!

Polishes I used:
Essie 3in1 base
Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud
Barry M Raspberry
OPI Y'all Come Back You Hear
Sally Hansen Lightening
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue
Black Nail Art Pen
American Classics Gelous
H&M Topcoat

I also used:
Dotting Tool
Fine Nail Art Brush

So those are my Pudsey Nails for Children In Need. I hope you liked them!
Thanks for reading!!