Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wedding OOTD and NOTD Part 1

So, some of you may recall that I had a few close family weddings whilst I was away from blogging. Today I am going to show you one mani I did on myself for my cousins wedding along with my outfit.

We will start with my outfit. As some of you may have notice I am Pakistani, so for this wedding I wore a sari. I love saris and think they are so elegant so long as they are simple and not too OTT. Some people think you can't wear hijab with saris but I like to think I did an OK job.
But, you can decide...

So that was what I wore, now lets get on to my favourite part of getting dressed up, the nails!!

So I found a polish that was closest to the colour of my sari and used it as a base. I decided to do two accent nails; the thumb and ring finger.
For the accent fingers I decided on a gold half moon, the added some rhinestones and gold micro beads to it to get the final look.
Here is what my nails ended up looking like...

Polishes I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
Milani Fresh Teal
Orly Luxe
Seche Vite

I also used:
Clear Rhinestones (3 different sizes)
Gold Micro Beads
Nail Glue
Dotting Tool (to apply the rhiestones/beads)

So there is my wedding NOTD and OOTD, I hope you ejoyed reading it. As Pakistani weddings have 2 main days I will be uploading the second day (walima) soon too. :)

P.S I am sorry that my picture quality isn't great, as I wasn't blogging the only picture I took were on my phone. Sorry!!

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